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basic information
Plant Nutrition Products

Packing specification: 40kg/bag

Appearance: dark brown granule

Ingredient: organic matter≥60%, NPK≥11%, hydrolyzed amino acid≥10%, biochemical fulvic acid≥30%, CaO≥4%

Product feature:
1.It is a kind of organic carbon fertilizer with pure microbial fermentation, it’s made from molasses fermentation solubles by triple-effect concentration spraying granulation with triple chelating technology.
2.Rich in biochemical fulvic acid, can loosen soil,increase soil air permeability, regulate pH value, preserve water and fertilizer.
3.With the reasonable carbon nitrogen ratio, the organic carbon content is high, it is more helpful for beneficial bacteria living in the soil, improve soil condition, reduce soil-borne disease.
4.Adding with the Vedan’s patented γ-PGA, with stronger chelate property, raise the fertilizer efficiency more than 50%, the chelating elements can be absorbed by crop totally, effectively relieve soil salinization, reduce physiological nutrient deficiency symptom, such as bitter pit, dehiscent fruit, little leaf, yellow leaf, blossom drop and fruit drop.
5.Rich in stress-resistant factors and disease-resistant factors; it can effectively resist drought, water-logging, heat, cold and continuous cropping; change continuous cropping disorders, accelerate seeding recovering, avoid transplant seeding dying.
6.Balance vegetative growth and reproductive growth, continuously nourishing roots, assure proportionate nutrients, increase blossoming and fruit setting rate, improve the quality and yield; make crop appear on the market earlier and prolong the harvest time.

Application and application amount:
According to local soil fertility, crop type and application time to adjust the dosage.

1. Applying fertilizer after the dew is dry in the morning, avoid attaching to the leaf surface and causing fertilizer damage.
2.Don’t apply fertilizer at high temperature.
3.Store in cool ventilated place, keep out of direct sunlight.