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NPK 20-10-20 (Balanced type)

basic information
Plant Nutrition Products

Packing specification: 10kg/bag

Appearance: primrose yellow powder

Ingredient: N+P2O5+K2O≥50% (20-10-20)+TE

Product introduction:
This series of products contain not only major elements and chelating trace elements, but also polyglutamic acid, it has the function of rapidly acting and increase fertilizer efficiency, improve fertilizer utilization rate by 30%, and it can activate various secondary elements and trace elements in soil, decrease soil salinity, regulate soil pH, get a super effect of nourishing root, protecting root, resisting drought and cold, preserve fertilizer and moisture, enhance crop ability to against diseases and stress, improve crop quality, increase crop yield, so that improve economic returns.

Product feature:
Because of overuse of phosphatic fertilizer (calcium superphosphate, DAP/diammonium phosphate) with a low phosphatic fertilizer utilization rate, this situation lead to soil hardening, resource wasting and environment polluting, in order to prevent them we pushed out this product which is used in early stage for crop, also with super fertilizer efficiency and save cost.

Be used together with functional fertilizer described before, nourish root all the time, ensure crop growing healthily, reduce diseases, improve crop quality and yield.

Dilute 20-50 times with water flushing or drip irrigation; also can be diluted 500-800 times by foliage spray. Can be used in every growth stage, the recommended dosage is 5-20kg per hectare.