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Ca+Zn Liquid

basic information
Plant Nutrition Products

Packing specification: 10kg/barrel, 20kg/barrel

Appearance: liquid

Ingredient: NPK≥200g/L, humic acid≥30g/L

Product feature:
1.Stimulate the transportation of nutrients from leaf to fruits, and expand fruits size.
2.Increase fruits sugar content, promote coloring, beautify fruit appearance, improve fruits quality.
3.Increase nutrient elements utilization efficiency, especially the secondary element and trace element, effectively prevent physiological diseases such as bitter pit and blossom-end rot.
4.Promote nutrient accumulating before leaves fall, relieve unstable yielding phenomenon.

After well stirred, dilute 50-300 times with water flushing or drip irrigation (according to local recommended dosage), or diluting 500 times with foliage spray, it also can be used together with other fertilizers.
Application time: In the mid and late growth stage, and fruit expanding stage.