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basic information
Plant Nutrition Products


Form: powder


Fe≥9.5%, B≥0.5%, Mn≥0.2%, Zn≥0.3%

Product feature:

1. Total water solubility and chelation: it adopts the polyglutamic acid chelate technology from Taiwan Vedan Group. It has the characteristic of strong stability, fast dissolution rate and easy to be absorbed and utilized by plants.

2. Anti oxidant and quick effect: special patent antioxidants are added to prevent trace elements such as Fe and Zn from being oxidized or decomposed by air and sunlight. After root application, the yellow leaves can turn green quickly.

3. Total nutrient and high content: this product contains not only secondary trace elements required by the crop, but also add botanical amino acids which produced by liquid fermentation technology, it can effectively regulate the physiological diseases of element deficiency, increase crop production and improve crop quality.

How to use:

1. It is suitable for soil base application and topdressing. The application amount is 1.5-2kg/Ha.

2. Application of drip irrigation with a concentration of 200-400 times.

3. Foliage spraying, dilute the concentration 800-1000 times.

4. The application amount can be doubled for seriously element deficiency soil.


1. Store at room temperature and dry shading. Prevent people and animals from eating.

2. This product is highly soluble, please use as soon as possible after opening the bag. Keep away from fire and heat sources. Do not store with combustible materials.

3. Do not mix with alkaline fertilizer. Please test it on a small scale before mixing.

4. If it is not used out, please seal the bag to avoid moisture absorption.